Prescott Approach Control
Bloody Basin Search Case 11-021796
On Monday morning, 11 July 2011, the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office received notification from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department that a 63 year old flower deliveryman had been missing since Saturday but was believed to be in the Bloody Basin area. A crew consisting of Pilot Larry Minch and Observer Currie Lee was quickly assembled but held on the ground due to conflicting information about the search area. After release, the aircrew searched the assigned area, attached a high degree of probability that the subject’s vehicle was not there and was ordered to return to base.
A great deal of confusion continued to obtain about the possible location of the subject and vehicle. By 1545 it was apparent that the forecast of thunderstorms would soon be affecting the airport and surrounding area and the Air Group activity was suspended.
Investigation during the subsequent period clarified and refined the search area and a first light search on Tuesday 12 July 2011 was conducted by an aircrew consisting of Pilot Pat Moore and Observer Kathy Moore. Once again, a thorough search of the newly assigned area failed to reveal any evidence of the subject and that segment of the mission was concluded by the incident commander.
A short time later, the subject was located by the crew of a private helicopter company and transported in serious condition to a Phoenix hospital where he was recovering from exposure and dehydration.

FILE NO. 10-09260
The Yavapai County Sheriff Office was assisted by the Sheriff’s Air Group in reconnaissance of selected areas. A Sheriff’s Deputy and an Air Group pilot comprised the team. The mission involved approximately 1:45 flight time and 185 miles

Training Exercise 16 January 2010
File number 10-118-5T
Saturday, January 16 2010 may have been a terrible day for a picnic but it was a great opportunity for a Search and Rescue exercise organized by the Southern Yavapai County Sheriff’s Response Team.
Forty-eight “searchers” on the ground in the rugged area north-east of Wickenburg were joined by members of the Air Group in this drill designed to test communications skills at all levels and to experiment with techniques intended to improve the probability of discovery and enhance safety.
An aircrew consisting of Pilot Mel Tiensvold and Observers Noel Urban and Tom Thomasson were augmented by on-scene Air Mission Commanders Bill Rummer and Bill Winkert who assisted the Incident Commander with all aviation related issues.
This exercise confirmed the benefits of having a second observer as part of the Aircrew and further demonstrated the advisability of staffing YCSAG personnel at the Command Post in direct support of the Incident Command Team.

16 August 2009
Case NO. 09-031801
Two people stranded overnight in a disabled KIA vehicle, were found by a Y.C.S.A.G. aircrew consisting of Pilot Mal Barrett, Jr. and Observer Dan Pavelchak.
The vehicle was found in a rugged mountainous area five miles west of Black Canyon City and the position was radioed to search units on the ground while the aircraft circled the vehicle providing reassurances to the occupants that they had been found and that assistance was on the way.

DR 09-027422
At 0703 the YCSAG was directed to search for a white Bronco containing three females believed to have been lost in the area of Lake Pleasant. Pilot Bill Rummer and Tom Thomasson responded and located the vehicle and occupants within five minutes of arrival into the area. It was determined that the location of the find was in Maricopa County. The aircrew made contact with the subjects and advised them that the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department was dispatching personnel to assist.

Lost Person
Pilot Farrel Harris and observer Tom Harris Searched 2 1/2 hours area west & south of Black Canyon City. Ground Units found subject at 2100. Weak and dehydrated; DPS ranger transported to hospital.

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